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Natural Pecans, halves & pieces

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Cook's Delight Pecans, Mammoth Halves, Pieces

Cook's Delight Pecans

When cooking, you want to use the best ingredients possible. Our Cook's Delight provides that undeniable flavor and texture for any menu item. It includes two pounds of our Pecan Pieces and one pound of our famous Mammoth Halves.

For a lighter version, try our Mini Cook's Delight. This package includes a one pound bag of Junior Mammoth Pecans and a one pound bag of Pecan Pieces.
Elliott Halves In-Shell Whole Pecans for sale

Whole Pecans - in shell

Freshly harvested and carefully graded from our orchards, ready to crack. All are considered to be paper shell pecans or thin shelled pecans, but some are thinner shelled than others.

If you don't see the variety you want--call and we'll see if we have it in the store to ship to you.
Junior Mammoth Pecan Halves
Our Junior Mammoth Pecan Halves are slightly smaller in size, but they are incredibly huge in taste! Freshly harvested from our orchards and delivered to you with freshness guaranteed.
Mammoth Halves - Bass Pecans from Mississippi

Mammoth Pecan Halves

Gourmet and golden brown, our Mammoth Halves are the largest and highest quality pecan on the market today! Harvested at their peak for perfection, our Mammoth Pecan Halves are carefully selected for their fullness and richness while sealed in air-tight packaging to insure your enjoyment.
Pecan Pieces for sale, shipped from Mississippi

Pecan Pieces

Add flavor, texture and crunch to your favorite meals. Our quality pecan pieces are great for cooking or snacking. Got a lot of cooking to do? Instead of just one bag of our pecan pieces, you may want more. Our specially sealed bags allow the pecans to be frozen up to two years!
Seedling Native Pecans
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Tips for storing Natural Pecans:

  • Like all produce, pecans will lose their taste and nutrients over time even In-shell pecans
  • Do not leave your pecans out at room temperature for very long. Shelled pecans only last up to 3 months at room temperature.
  • Store in airtight containers and freeze for best flavor
  • Shelled pecans can be kept in the refrigerator for about 6 months and for up to 2 years in the freezer
  • In-shell pecans can be kept in the refrigerator 9 to 18 months and up to 2 years in the freezer
  • Pecan can be thawed and refrozen repeatedly without loss of flavor, but be careful of condensation occurring during temperature changes

Tips for buying pecans

When purchasing pecans, look for plump pecans with a golden color. Before we package our pecans, they go through a strict grading system to ensure that you are receiving the best of the harvest. We package based on size of the kernel and/or variety. Keep in mind your planned use as you purchase. If you are baking, we suggest the Jr. Mammoth Pecan Halves or Pecan Pieces. If you plan to candy your pecans or eat raw, we suggest the Mammoth Pecan Halves or Jr. Mammoth Pecans Halves.

For Good Health, Eat Pecans

Eating Natural Pecans is an easy way to stay healthy. Adding a handful of pecans to your diet each day helps prevent heart disease by lowering total blood cholesterol and also provides over 19 vitamins and minerals needed in your diet. Enjoy one ounce (15 to 20 pecan halves) of natural pecans each day to receive 10% of the recommended Daily Value for fiber.

According to new research by the Center for Cellular Neurobiology at the University of Massachusetts, eating a handful of pecans each day may delay the progression of age-related motor neuron degeneration diseases like ALS. Pecans also are a great source of Vitamin E that may provide neurological protection to fight diseases such as Alzheimer's Parkinson's, cancer and heart disease.

Purchasing In-Shell Pecans

Each pecan variety has a slightly distinctive taste. Personal preference plays the largest role in choosing an In-Shell variety for eating. The pecan's taste is influenced by the nut itself along with sun and water. Varieties shell differently as well based on size, thickness of the shell and material around the nut. If you have questions about varieties of In-Shell pecans, please feel free to give us a call. We will do our best to answer your questions.

Caddo - The nut is medium sized with a football shape (round in middle with pointed tips) and an average of 67 nuts per pound. The kernel of the nut is well filled at 54% and has an attractive golden color.

Cape Fear - large, thin shelled nut that cracks easily. The packing tissue around the kernel separates very cleanly, which makes shelling trouble-free. Kernels range in color from cream to golden, and are light and attractive. Cape Fear averages 55 nuts to a pound and is typically filled out at 51% kernel.

Creek - Typically has 54 nuts to a pound and fills out at 50% kernel. It has oval shaped nuts that are long and narrow.

Desirable - With usually only 48 nuts per pound, the size of the Desirable pecan is very large. After easily cracking the rough shell, you will find a well developed 51% kernel that is light golden in color.

Forkert - kernel percentages that sometimes reach 58 to 60% kernel, is truly a "paper shell" pecan due to its extremely thin shell. Kernel quality is outstanding with more than half of its cream to golden kernels graded as "fancy". Forkert typically has 53 nuts to a pound.

Jackson - is by far the largest variety we carry for In-Shell pecans with an average of 33 to 37 nuts to a pound and typically fills out at 53% kernel. The packing tissue inside the nut breaks away from the high quality kernels with little effort

Pawnee -is a large, elliptical nut has a medium thick shell that can easily be extracted. It averages 50 nuts to a pound and about 53% kernel.

Natural pecans for sale - pieces and mammoth halves direct from the famous Bass Pecan orchards.

Whole Pecans
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