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Welcome to the Bass Pecan Company

Bass Pecan CompanyWelcome to Bass Pecan's website. Our company is over 105 years old and we believe there's a reason for being around so long. Our tradition is rich and our emphasis on quality is strong.


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Please note that we are only open in the fall and early winter. Please call near the end of the season because we sell out of fresh pecans & product.





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Fresh Pecans From Mississippi

Welcome to Bass Pecan Company. For over a century, the name Bass has been synonymous with fine pecans. It all began in 1906, when the Bass family planted their first pecan orchard in Lumberton, Mississippi. Chosen for its mild climate and fertile soil, the original 40 acre field grew to become one of the largest pecan nurseries in the world. In the year 1928 alone, Bass Pecan Company distributed 1.5 million catalogs, which led the U.S. Postal service to build a post office in 1930 in Lumberton just to handle the volume of mail and shipments coming from Bass Pecan Company.

The spirit of Bass is still very much alive today. Our base of operations is on a 500 acre farm in Raymond, Mississippi, originally part of a plantation that dates from before the Civil War. The original orchards were planted in the early 1870's making them one of the oldest pecan orchards in the country. Over 750 of these 140+ year old pecan trees still thrive and produce excellent quality pecans. A testament to the rich loamy soil and mild temperate climate, our pecans are sure to please. Over the past 10 years over 6,000 new pecan trees have been planted to further enhance our offerings.

Today, our nursery is thriving and growing the finest pecan trees. With just the right blend of history and the latest in science and technology, we strive to be at the forefront of the pecan nursery industry.

Whole & Shelled Pecans

At Bass Pecan Company, we take pride in our freshly harvested nuts. The process starts with the care we take in growing each season's crop. Our farm manager and his staff make sure the trees are well irrigated and have the nutrients needed to encourage healthy growth and nut production. When the nuts are mature, we quickly harvest each tree's bounty to begin the process of getting you the freshest and most flavorful nuts around. From harvest to package, our process takes less than 10 days for the shelled pecans to show up on our store shelves. You can literally taste the difference in our pecans from those you might buy in a big chain store or grocery store.

Don't forget that nuts are perishable and should be refrigerated or frozen. To keep that fresh flavor and light golden color, you can refrigerate your whole pecans (in shell pecans) or shelled pecans for up to 2 months or freeze up to 2 years.

Pecan Trees

Bass has provided trees and quality pecans to several generations of Americans. In fact, our customers tell us that their grandfathers or great-grandfathers bought pecan trees from Bass and that these trees are still producing great tasting pecans.

Today, you too can still enjoy this century-old tradition of uncompromising quality through the products of Bass Pecan Company.

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